Join a virtual choir who stutters!

CSA, in partnership with the network “SingWell” (, is organizing a unique virtual choir of people who stutter. Anyone who stutters across the globe can participate! No singing experience is required. Participation is entirely free!

Simone Falk — April 29, 2022 — News Items

Improv for Stuttering

The Unblockables is an improv course for people who stutter. It is run by Tightrope Theatre and is in association with Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. The three-week online course focuses on presence and saying yes, cultivating laughter and celebrating mistakes.

Dan Dumsha — April 29, 2022 — News Items

A Reflection on Stigma against Stammering

This is the third selected essay from the text, Stammering Pride and Prejudice. Like the author of the previous essay Scary Canary

Lisa Wilder — April 3, 2022 — Book Reviews

Interview with author Mary Wood

Mary Wood, a long-time and well-known CSA member, recently published a book based on her experience of stuttering. The book is titled “Beyond the Fear of Stuttering: My Journey to Self-Acceptance and Freedom”.

Carla DiDomenicantonio — April 1, 2022 — Book Reviews

Popular Podcast about Stuttering Supports New Non-Profit Foundation

SOME STUTTER LUH! (SSL!) will be hosting a special episode to support Jessica Deluce, a young entrepreneur and person who stutters, who seeks to establish a Not For Profit Foundation to help raise money for people who can't afford speech therapy.

Greg O'Grady — April 1, 2022 — News Items

CSA’s Let’s Talk: Dating with Confidence

On Sunday, March 27, the Canadian Stuttering Association hosted a new installment of its Let’s Talk series, focussed on dating with confidence.

Anna Huynh — April 1, 2022 — Personal Commentary

Scary canary: Difference, vulnerability and letting go of struggle

This is the continuation of a series of reviews of selected essays in the book, Stammering Pride and Prejudice: Difference not Defect

Lisa Wilder — March 2, 2022 — Book Reviews

Have a Workshop Idea for the 2022 CSA Conference?

We are pleased to have been able to feature interesting, entertaining and informative presenters and topics over the years at our annual CSA conferences. Our conference this October is significant for many reasons. For one thing, it will be our first in person event in three years.

CSA — February 28, 2022 — Personal Commentary

Call for a Guest Participant at CSA’s next “Let’s Talk” event!

The Canadian Stuttering Association is planning our next “Let’s Talk: Dating with Conf

Anna Huynh — February 27, 2022 — News Items

For You, For Each of You

My name is Don McLean. I’m staring at the back end of life now. For I’m 81 years of age. But my mother lived to be 100 years and 100 days, so who knows just when it is going to be. I suffered from stuttering, from the age of about 14 through the age 30.

Don McLean — February 15, 2022 — Personal Stories