Sharing the CSA Conference 2022 Experience!

Berenice Mengo, MBA — June 5, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Investigating the use of brain stimulation to improve speech fluency - Participants Needed

Developmental stuttering can best be understood from a multidimensional perspective, including genetics, motor control, language ability, temperament, environmental influences, among others.

Luc De Nil, Cindy Nguyen, Narges Moein — May 7, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Another Successful Let’s Talk!

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the April 16 Let’s Talk event, Stuttering & Cluttering – What’s the connection?

Carla Di Domenicantonio — May 2, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Singwell Project Conducting Survey

The SingWell Project is inviting anyone who stutters to participate in a brief (15-minute) international survey exploring the role of singing in the lives of those who stutter.  The SingWell Project aims to research and mobilize

— March 1, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Transforming the Iceberg

I have very little control over my stutter. I wouldn’t even call it control; it’s more like I have to bargain with it.

Nina G. — February 2, 2023 — Personal Commentary

The Bob Kroll Centre for Stuttering and Speech in Newfoundland

It is time to Continue this Conversation!   

I am please to launch The BOB KROLL CENTRE for STUTTERING AND SPEECH NL Facebook group page.

Greg O'Grady — January 29, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Family and Youth Programming Conference Report!

That is a wrap on THE FIRST Family and Youth Programming at our in person 2022 CSA Conference in beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario! Our Family and Youth Programming was an absolute success with several families in attendance, generating support, bonding, and awareness of stuttering.

Alexandra D'Agostino — November 6, 2022 — Personal Commentary

My Volunteer Experience at the CSA

There is nothing better than lending a helping hand to your community by becoming involved. Whether it is providing aid to a local soup kitchen, or helping a non-profit, knowing that your actions are contributing in a positive way can be truly fulfilling.

Ferron Chen — November 6, 2022 — Personal Commentary

Conference Wrap-up

The event started on Friday evening, with a welcoming get-together and lots of great food and conversation at the Hard Rock Club next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Lisa Wilder — November 5, 2022 — Personal Commentary