Jordan Bloom, CSA's new Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Jordan Bloom

Hi CSA! My name is Jordan Bloom, and I am so beyond excited to join the Board of Directors as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Canadian Stuttering Association. I’m currently based in Toronto, where I work at a creative advertising agency as an Art Director, helping form the big ideas that serve as the basis of integrated campaigns. I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Art Direction from Humber College. With 5+ years of marketing experience, I can’t wait to use my knowledge in nonprofit marketing, website management, social media management, and creative advertising to support our organization and community. Professionally, I have received recognition from the Cannes Young Lions, Design and Art Direction (D&AD) Academy, and The One Club For Creativity.

My stuttering journey began when I was around 7 or 8 years old, when I was asked to read a passage aloud from a book for my class. I was unable to get anything out. I met with Speech Language Pathologists on and off throughout my childhood, and while my stutter has dissipated to the point where I often need to "come out” as a person who stutters, it’s still a major point of anxiety in my professional and personal life. I’m hoping that by working with the CSA, and engaging with the stuttering community more, I’ll gain confidence in speaking how I was meant to, focusing on articulating my point as clearly as possible rather than just avoiding verbal blocks. I am very lucky to have the support of my partner, Rob, along my journey. For him, my stutter was a non-issue from the get-go, a turning point for me in realizing speaking with a stutter doesn’t always have to be the big deal I thought it was.

I learned about the Canadian Stuttering Association while conceptualizing a creative campaign at work. I’ve always seen creative advertising as having the possibility to impact culture, change perceptions, and build awareness for causes that might otherwise go unheard-of. As a person who stutters, I knew it was important to use this opportunity to create awareness for our community. Since first presenting to the CSA, I felt an immediate level of understanding and support that I want to help champion. We all have experiences, ideas, and voices that deserve to be heard. Let’s create some change! 

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