Living Life with Determination and Fortitude: Peter's Story

I met Peter Holleley fourteen years ago, when running a Toastmasters Group for People who Stutter in Toronto. In his early 60s, he was older than most people attending the group. He liked to talk, as a lot of people who stutter do.

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Should I disclose my stutter when applying for jobs?

This is a controversial question, there is no right or wrong answer. It is a matter of personal preference and risk tolerance. Personally, I have always disclosed my stutter on job applications.

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Finding Employment as a Person Who Stutters

Mathew Yaworski, Employment Advocacy Coordinator for the Canadian Stuttering Association, shares his advice on determining the inclusivity of potential employers in Canada. I am

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Looking Backwards

In order to grasp the big picture of what occurred in November 1971 when I recovered from my stuttering, I sense that very very briefly telling this same story backwards might be of assistance to anyone who is interested. 

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The Football Star

When Dimitri was a young boy growing up, his stutter prevented him from getting a word into many conversations. He would grunt with frustration and make a fist with his hand anytime his stutter would cut off his sentences.

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Jordan Bloom, CSA's new Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Hi CSA! My name is Jordan Bloom, and I am so beyond excited to join the Board of Directors as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Canadian Stuttering Association.

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Mathew Yaworski, Litigator for the Canadian Government, is CSA's new Employment Advocacy Coordinator

Hello Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) members and our wider community. I am your newest Employment Advocacy Coordinator. I am a life-long stutterer. While the severity of my disfluency has improved with the benefit of therapy, my stutter remains.  

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CSA Member Pushes for Justice

One of our members, Peter Holleley, was in a serious human rights dispute with the Landlord Tenants Board (LTB) which he then escalated to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO).

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Scholar who Stutters Writes Young Adult Novel

Tess Casher is a young Canadian Rhodes Scholar who moved to England last year to attend Oxford University.

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A Magic Moment

Previously, Don McLean very briefly described how he no longer stutters. His latest article flushes out in more detail how that ecstatic ending came to be, some time at the end of November 1971.

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