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I’ve been stuttering since I was 2. My mom says that she first noticed it when she got me a pink toy kitchen for Christmas. I was so excited, I couldn’t even speak.

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Studies Show... Conferences are Awesome!

It's no secret that peer support, and opportunities to meet and interact with one another, in both social and educational environments, are beneficial for people who stutter. Worldwide, tens of thousands of people who stutter attend support groups and conferences.

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Stuttering From a Different Perspective

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My Name... My Name... My Name is Don McLean

My Name... My Name is Don McLean. My Name... is Don McLean.

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Sports Writer and CSA Member Ryan Cowley is Keynote Speaker at SLP College Event

On the weekend of June 23, I was in Albany, New York, where I attended the College of Saint Rose's 4th annual Stuttering Treatment Program.

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Kyle's Story

According to the Oxford dictionary, the word “Stutter” is defined as: “talk with continued involuntary repetition of sounds, especially initial consonants.” Prior to 2007, if asked to define the above term, I probably wo

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Survey from Western Sydney University

It has often been assumed that adults who stutter want to seek treatment from speech pathologists and connect with support groups to help them manage their stutter and speak fluently. However, we are a group of researchers who want to know what people who stutter really want.

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