Sharing the CSA Conference 2022 Experience!

Berenice Mengo, MBA — June 5, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Memorial University Students Create an Informative Display about Stuttering

  Greg O'Grady, co-founder of the Newfoundland Labrador Stuttering Association, would like to thank students at the Memorial University Newfoundland (MUN) for creating an informative display about stuttering.

Lisa Wilder and Greg O'Grady — June 4, 2023 — News Items

Investigating the use of brain stimulation to improve speech fluency - Participants Needed

Developmental stuttering can best be understood from a multidimensional perspective, including genetics, motor control, language ability, temperament, environmental influences, among others.

Luc De Nil, Cindy Nguyen, Narges Moein — May 7, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Another Successful Let’s Talk!

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the April 16 Let’s Talk event, Stuttering & Cluttering – What’s the connection?

Carla Di Domenicantonio — May 2, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Singwell Project Conducting Survey

The SingWell Project is inviting anyone who stutters to participate in a brief (15-minute) international survey exploring the role of singing in the lives of those who stutter.  The SingWell Project aims to research and mobilize

— March 1, 2023 — Personal Commentary

Transforming the Iceberg

I have very little control over my stutter. I wouldn’t even call it control; it’s more like I have to bargain with it.

Nina G. — February 2, 2023 — Personal Commentary

The Bob Kroll Centre for Stuttering and Speech in Newfoundland

It is time to Continue this Conversation!   

I am please to launch The BOB KROLL CENTRE for STUTTERING AND SPEECH NL Facebook group page.

Greg O'Grady — January 29, 2023 — Personal Commentary