My Volunteer Experience at the CSA

There is nothing better than lending a helping hand to your community by becoming involved. Whether it is providing aid to a local soup kitchen, or helping a non-profit, knowing that your actions are contributing in a positive way can be truly fulfilling.

Ferron Chen — November 6, 2022 — Personal Commentary

Conference Wrap-up

The event started on Friday evening, with a welcoming get-together and lots of great food and conversation at the Hard Rock Club next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Lisa Wilder — November 5, 2022 — Personal Commentary

Family and Youth Programming for the CSA Conference

Alexandra D'Agostino — October 19, 2022 — Conference

Welcome All Families to CSA 2022 in Niagara Falls!

A Message from the Family and Youth Programming Coordinator

Alexandra D'Agostino — September 29, 2022 — For Parents, Youth and Young Adult

Another Successful Let’s Talk!

The CSA held its fifth Let’s Talk on-line webinar on Sunday, June 26. If you missed this event, it is possible for you to view a recording of the session at your convenience.

Carla DiDomenicantonio — July 4, 2022 — Personal Commentary

The Narrative Approach in Self-Therapy

This is a continuation of a review of selected essays in the text, Stammering Pride and Prejudice: Difference not Defect.

Lisa Wilder — July 4, 2022 — Book Reviews

Working Together To Decrease Stigma

This is a continuation of a series of reviews of selected articles featured in the text, Stammering Pride and Prejudice.

Lisa Wilder — June 4, 2022 — Book Reviews

Keep Kids Talking!

Doreen (Dori) Lenz Holte’s web site and  book Voice Unearthed have helped many parents find a new approach to

Lisa Wilder — May 3, 2022 — Book Reviews

New Let’s Talk event, coming soon!

On Sunday, March 27th, the CSA hosted a new Let's Talk instalment, focussed on dating with confidence. This event featured Jaleesa Bygrave and Devon Kirchner, women who stutter with diverse backgrounds.

Anna Huynh — May 2, 2022 —

CSA Prepares to Launch New Youth Support Group!

Calling all youth of the Canadian Stuttering Association! In the coming months, the CSA will be working towards the preparation of a new stuttering support group for youth between the ages of 8 and 13.

Rhea Bhalla — April 29, 2022 — News Items, Youth and Young Adult, Parent's Blog