Call for a Guest Participant at CSA’s next “Let’s Talk” event!

The Canadian Stuttering Association is planning our next “Let’s Talk: Dating with Conf

Anna Huynh — February 27, 2022 — News Items

For You, For Each of You

My name is Don McLean. I’m staring at the back end of life now. For I’m 81 years of age. But my mother lived to be 100 years and 100 days, so who knows just when it is going to be. I suffered from stuttering, from the age of about 14 through the age 30.

Don McLean — February 15, 2022 — Personal Stories

Singwell Sponsors TikTok Video featuring Stuttering Community

SingWell is creating TikTok videos to spread the word about the benefits of singing!  If you are someone who stutters and loves to sing, we want to hear from you! 

CSA — February 14, 2022 — News Items

Stuttering and Disability Theory

This is the first of a continuing series discussing a selection of essays from the 2019 text, Stammering Pride and Prejudice, Difference not Defect, edited by Patrick Campbell, Christopher Constantino and Sam Simpson. 

Lisa Wilder — February 4, 2022 — Book Reviews

CSA Conference Wrap-Up

— December 3, 2021 — News Items

Treating Stuttering with Improv

— December 3, 2021 — News Items