The Genetics of Stuttering

The research web site Pursuit, run by the University of Melbourne, has published an article about the genetics of stuttering.

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Finding Acceptance and Purpose with the CSA

My name is David Liu, and I’m joining the Board of Directors as the Conference and Event Planning Coordinator. Once I learn the ropes, I’ll be leading the planning and execution of the CSA’s Let’s Talk Events and annual conferences.

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Late Onset Stuttering: Research Questionnaire

 This study, by Alhanoof Sahrah, a speech-language pathologist and a doctoral student at the University of Reading, aims to gather crucial information about Late-Onset Stuttering (LOS) through an online questionnaire.


Making Change: My Story and the CSA Conference

I am a person who stutters, and I’ve stuttered since I could first speak. When I was much younger, I was hardly even aware I had a speech disability. My parents assumed my difficulty speaking was just a phase I would grow out of, and I didn’t really think about my stutter at all.

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CSA Conference 2023 Success!

There were many highlights of our CSA 2023 Conference at the beautiful Lord Elgin Hotel in downtown Ottawa!  

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The Day I was Finally Heard: 52 years Later

The Banquet Dinner

On Saturday night November 4 2023, the Banquet Dinner of the Canadian Stuttering Association took place.

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The  CSA Conference changed my Daughter’s Life

Photo: Cynthianna, age 10, with Eeva Stierwalt, CSA National Coordinator

My name is Cynthia and I am a Mother of two children who stutter:  Nathdaniel, age 17 and Cynthianna, age 10. 

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Become the Inspiration

I’ve been stuttering since I was 2. My mom says that she first noticed it when she got me a pink toy kitchen for Christmas. I was so excited, I couldn’t even speak.

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Studies Show... Conferences are Awesome!

It's no secret that peer support, and opportunities to meet and interact with one another, in both social and educational environments, are beneficial for people who stutter. Worldwide, tens of thousands of people who stutter attend support groups and conferences.

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Stuttering From a Different Perspective

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