The Genetics of Stuttering

Lisa Wilder

The research web site Pursuit, run by the University of Melbourne, has published an article about the genetics of stuttering. Researchers have linked a newly discovered gene to persistent stuttering into adulthood – giving hope to those with severe speech disorders.

The article, entitled The Genetics of Stuttering, is by Professor Michael Hildebrand, Austin Health and University of Melbourne; and Professor Angela Morgan, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and University of Melbourne. It addresses the fact that, "despite more than 20 years of research, the genetic architecture of stuttering remains poorly understood. Only four genes that cause stuttering have been identified to date. This is very low when compared to other neurodevelopmental conditions where tens to hundreds of genes have been identified."

A team of researches led by the University of Melbourne, in collaboration with 17 international institutions, has discovered a link between a newly discovered gene pathway and structural brain anomalies in some people who stutter into adulthood.

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