Late Onset Stuttering: Research Questionnaire


 This study, by Alhanoof Sahrah, a speech-language pathologist and a doctoral student at the University of Reading, aims to gather crucial information about Late-Onset Stuttering (LOS) through an online questionnaire. By "late-onset stuttering," we refer to stuttering that occurs later in life (at 18 or above) due to significant psychological trauma, stress, or stuttering that appears for no known reason. The questionnaire covers the causes of LOS, recovery experiences, and perspectives on therapy. The findings will contribute to developing more effective clinical approaches for individuals with later-onset stuttering.

The School Research Ethics Committee has reviewed this project and has provided a favourable ethical opinion for the conduct, along with the ethical submission number (2023-140-DW). Rest assured that all responses will be completely anonymous, and any identifiable information will be kept confidential. The collected data will be securely stored on the University of Reading's network. Participants will have the option to receive the study results upon request. By collaborating in this study, your association will advance our understanding of later-onset stuttering and potentially improve therapy.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Age 18 and above.
  • Stuttering starts later in life (18 or above).
  • Native to intermediate English speaker.
  • No stuttering history during childhood (before the late onset one).
  • No neurological diagnosis.

Please find the study here.

Thanks for your participation!

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