How mindfulness can influence stuttering

What is mindfulness? Stated most simply it really is just about paying attention, either paying attention passively to where your attention is focused or actively focusing your attention on something. 

Mindfulness can result in profound change in people's lives and practising mindfulness can also potentially influence stuttering, according to Paul Brocklehurst, PHD, Director of the Stammering Self-Empowerment Program.

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Kim Block receives accolades for her book "Stuttering Superhero"

 Kim BlockKim Block holds a copy of Stuttering Superhero
photo by Tereza Verenca

Kim Block of Burnaby, BC has appeared in the media recently promoting her delightful book about a young girl who stutters, "Stuttering Superhero". The local paper Burnaby Now features Kim in an article, where she says her main impetus for writing the book was due to the fact that “Stuttering is not talked about at all. There’s still so much misinformation out there.”

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New Additions to CSA website

David Stones David Stones delivering his workshop

Two new developments have been added to the website and our Flickr page. Photographer Dylan Brown took photos at our conference, check them out here! A new downloadable resources section has been added to the CSA site, that will feature educational and promotional  materials for download.

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Ontario PC Party Leader Patrick Brown talks about stuttering

 Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown credits his mother with helping him overcome his stuttering. When he was a kid, she cut back her work schedule to take him to speech therapy at the Clarke Institute (Now the Speech and Stuttering Institute), driving from Barrie to Toronto for the visits. The therapy gave him the tools and the confidence he needed to improve his speech. 

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Stuttering Treatment in Ottawa

Ottawa Perley-Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

Last year in 2015, the Ottawa Hospital closed the long-running Stuttering Treatment Clinic, along with other out-patient clinics, due to budgetary concerns. Fortunately, treatment for stuttering is still available.

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