Improv for Stuttering

Dan Dumsha

The Unblockables is an improv course for people who stutter. It is run by Tightrope Theatre and is in association with Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. The three-week online course focuses on presence and saying yes, cultivating laughter and celebrating mistakes. It is taught through a series of games to support participants to speak with confidence and find their voice. The three weeks will culminate in a virtual performance for friends and family on the final night.

What makes this workshop special is that it is co-facilitated. Joining Dan Dumsha (the Director of Work and Wellness at Tightrope Theatre) will be Wendy Duke (Speech Language Pathologist and founder of Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc.), and Robert O’Brien (Author and Educator). Robert is a trained actor and has published a book on his experiences as a person who stutters. 

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