The Newfoundland and Labrador Stuttering Association featured in CBC Article

mcguireAllison O'Brien and her son

In just two years, the Newfoundland and Labrador Stuttering Association (NLSA) has achieved national prominence as a valuable resource for people who stutter in eastern Canada. A recent CBC article features an interview with board member Allison O'Brien, who explains the purpose of the organization and the challenges stutterers face. Read the article here.

New Stuttering Superhero book free to download


It all started with a joke. My husband said with a laugh, “you know what you should name your next book? Melissa Stays Home.” I thought that wasn't a bad idea! As with most of my books, the story developed in my head when I took my dog for a walk — Something about it gets my creative ideas flowing.

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CSA's Position on COVID-19

Face mask

The CSA is actively following the news about the coronavirus (COVID-19). We know that many people are concerned about COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, and that globally the outbreak is evolving quickly.

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Announcing Nina G: CSA 2020 Conference Keynote Speaker


Welcome to the world of Nina G! Professional Speaker, Stand-up Comedian, Author, and person who stutters. Her infectious humour informs, entertains, and gives hope to those who stutter and insight to those who do not. “I stutter and you are just going to have to wait for all the brilliant things I have to say!”.

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Music and Language Habits of Individuals who Stutter


Researchers at McGill University are looking at the music and language habits of people who stutter, and asking for participants in an online survey. It includes questions about your stuttering, musical training, language use/proficiency, therapeutic and diagnostic history.

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Financial Award for Students Who Stutter


The CSA is accepting applications for the 2020 Financial Award of $500 for a student in Canada who stutters.

Are you a post-secondary student in Canada, as well as a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada?

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