Atlantic Magazine article about stuttering acceptance

acceptaneThe American magazine the Atlantic has published an article about people who stutter. It centres on the National Stuttering Association (NSA) conferences, and how some people who stutter have found relief through an unusual approach, namely acceptance of their stuttering as simply the way that they talk. This often comes after years of struggling with disappointment in traditional therapy, which doesn't always result in long-term improvement. The NSA conferences offer another approach – to stop fighting it. Read the whole article here.

The 2015 CSA event featuring Katherine Preston

Katherine PrestonThis October, the Canadian Stuttering Association will host an event in Toronto for people whose lives are affected by stuttering. Like our successful mini-conference last year, this will be a special occasion to get together with people who stutter, their families and friends, students and speech-language pathologists.

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New Franky Banky comic

FrankyBankyDaniele Rossi is a Toronto-based cartoonist, author, and digital communicator. He is well known for his Stuttering is Cool podcast and his role as a co-founder of Stutter Social. Daniele's first book, Stuttering is Cool, A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World, quickly became a favourite book for many people who stutter, and is even a required textbook in the speech pathology department at Appalachian State University. 

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The McGuire Program comes to Toronto

mcguire logoThe McGuire Programme, a stuttering treatment program for adults who stutter, is being offered in Canada for the first time. Created by David MacGuire twenty years ago, it is popular in Europe, and most recently the British singer Gareth Gates praised the course for helping alleviate his stuttering. The first Canadian course will take place in Toronto from September 23-26, 2015.

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What a few Words of Support Can Do

Skip BrooksBranden "Skip" Brooks with
Beau Biden in 2008

Branden Brooks was a shy 8th grader with a stutter when his class visited the White House twenty years ago. He bravely put up his hand to ask Senator (before he was Vice-President) Joe Biden a question during a Q&A session. Biden stuttered in his youth, and approached Branden afterwards to give him some words of support, and later sent him a personal letter. Today Branden is a practicing lawyer, and in 2008 was sworn in by no other than Joe Biden's son Beau, who tragically died of brain cancer this year. Branden says that Joe Biden's words and letter always inspired him. Read more about this story here.

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