May 6 - 12 is Stuttering Awareness Week!

stuttering awareness weekFor more than thirty years, the second week of May has been a special time for the stuttering community. It is Stuttering Awareness Week, designated by members of the National Stuttering Association and made official by Ronald Reagan in 1988. It is to encourage people who stutter to talk to others about their stuttering. To learn more about it, read this item by Stuttering is Cool creator Daniele Rossi. You can also check out the National Stuttering Association page here.

Stuttering and Music

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Researchers at McGill University are conducting research about stuttering and music, and are looking for people to participate in an online survey. The survey takes about forty minutes and involves hearing tests (identifying notes and analyzing musical phrases) so be sure you have a block of time to complete the survey and are in a quiet environment where you can hear the notes. You can complete the survey here

Welcome to the CSA Website's Kids Corner!


We are pleased to announce Kid's Corner, a space on our site for kids who stutter 12 years of age and under to submit artwork, stories, photos, videos, anything they wish! Our first submission is a comic from Matthew, age 9. Check it out here!

Online Research Survey for People Who Stutter

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The University of Iowa is conducting a research survey to learning more about the factors that influence wellbeing among adults who stutter. Adults over 18 years of age who stutter are invited to participate in the survey. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You will be eligible to win a $30 Amazon Gift Card. You can access the survey here.

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