International Stuttering Awareness Day October 22

ISAThursday is International Stuttering Awareness Day, and the annual online conference, featuring papers written about stuttering and other speech disorders, is in full swing. You can check it out here. The categories are Stories and Experiences with Stuttering by PWS; Research, Therapy and Support; Mental Health and Stuttering; and Creative Expression. The theme of the conference is "Education, Cooperation and Communication".

Atlantic Magazine article about stuttering acceptance

acceptaneThe American magazine the Atlantic has published an article about people who stutter. It centres on the National Stuttering Association (NSA) conferences, and how some people who stutter have found relief through an unusual approach, namely acceptance of their stuttering as simply the way that they talk. This often comes after years of struggling with disappointment in traditional therapy, which doesn't always result in long-term improvement. The NSA conferences offer another approach – to stop fighting it. Read the whole article here.

CSA One-Day Conference Recap

CSA BoardThe CSA Board of Directors and conference co-organizers

On Saturday, October 24, the Canadian Stuttering Association annual one-day conference had an overwhelming response with over 100 people in attendance. People who stutter of all ages attended, along with speech-language pathologists, SLP students, parents and friends. Among the guests were people from the United States, Quebec and other cities across Ontario.

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Ottawa Hospital to close its Stuttering Treatment Clinic after 43 Years

In its recent round of funding cuts Dr. Jack Kitts, CEO of the Ottawa Hospital, announced that the Stuttering Treatment Clinic will close at the end of October 2015.

Reasons given by the Hospital for closing the clinic are: stuttering is not an illness requiring medical expertise, and the Hospital’s mandate is to care for Eastern Ontario’s “sickest” individuals and to not fund services that can be provided in the community.

Members of the Ottawa Association of People Who Stutter (OAPWS) have written to Dr. Kitts requesting a meeting with either him or one of his senior staff to discuss the reasons behind the closure and to suggest a delay in the closing date.

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New Franky Banky comic

FrankyBankyDaniele Rossi is a Toronto-based cartoonist, author, and digital communicator. He is well known for his Stuttering is Cool podcast and his role as a co-founder of Stutter Social. Daniele's first book, Stuttering is Cool, A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World, quickly became a favourite book for many people who stutter, and is even a required textbook in the speech pathology department at Appalachian State University. 

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