Finding My True Self

Lani RoyLani RoyStutter was a word I feared since I could remember, not only because I would block on the first “T” but because it was a word that I let define my every action. It decided whether I would raise my hand in class, join in on pick-up volleyball at lunch, or order through a drive-thru window.

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Review of Nina G.'s Stutterer Interrupted

Nina G and book

As someone who only began reaching out to the stuttering community in recent years, I wonder what took me so long. Then again, as the old adage goes, better late than never.

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A Journey of Finding Self-Love Through My Stutter

Leah ThomasLeah Thomas

When I hear the word “stutter”, many thoughts and feelings go through my head. This has been a word I have heard all throughout my childhood and is a word which I believed defined who I was. From the first moment around the age of 8, little did I know I would be entering a journey full of challenges, hardships, and strength.

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