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Richard LutmanRichard Lutman

For about as long as I can remember I have been a person that stutters. As a young boy my parents thought nothing of my stutter. They thought that, if anything, it would be something I would outgrow with time. When I entered school, my teachers right away identified that I had a stutter, and it was recommended that I take speech therapy, which I did, at the young age of five.

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The insidious nature of internet marketing


We are used to seeing some pretty ridiculous stuff on the internet, including more than a few outlandish get-rich-quick marketing schemes. It is easy to dismiss much of it as harmless, thinking, “who would fall for that?” But a closer analysis of how these marketing schemes work, and who benefits and who suffers, might stir different reactions – such as anger towards the insidious nature of unethical internet marketing. There are a few dubious offers on the internet about “cures” for stuttering. The most prevalent is the Kill Your Stutter offer, a program that guarantees to cure stuttering in ten minutes upon the purchase of an e-book.

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Marvin Klotz: Childhood memories

This article first appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of CSA Voices.

Marvin Klotz Marvin Klotz (photo credit: Ali Salem) The King’s Speech has won many awards and revived interest in the phenomenon of “stuttering” (“stammering is the British and supposedly, gentler terminology). Hard as it is to believe, I was not always the slim, agile, silver tongued, long haired role model you have always known and admired.  At one time, I couldn’t even say hello on the telephone let alone call strangers – yes I was/am a “stutterer”.

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Stuttering John's Bistro


Johnathon Boville is happy to shoot the breeze with anybody he meets - especially patrons at his new restaurant, Stuttering John's Bistro. The fact that he is a person who stutters has been no barrier to his social life, or to his entrepreneurial spirit.  In fact, he believes that, as a memorable characteristic, his stuttering has helped him out as a successful local business person in the town of Oshawa, Ontario. People always remember meeting him.

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If I start a podcast, will people listen?


This article first appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of CSA Voices. Photos by John G. Meadows.

panel A panel at the conference

Daniele Rossi of Toronto has recently joined the CSA board of directors. For several years he’s been involved with social media as a podcaster, web designer, and artist. It was his involvement with social media that had led him to accept his stuttering.

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Looking beyond first impressions

This article first appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of CSA Voices.

So often, we pass judgments on people by our first impressions of them, often without giving it a second thought. But how often do we take the time to look beyond our first  impressions of someone? How often do we make the effort to engage with someone even after the first impression of them may not have been what we expected or desired?

Most of the time we don’t give people we meet that opportunity, and yet those few times that we do, we can risk seeing something in someone we did not know  existed. As stutterers we often put ourselves in that scenario, where we hope people will take a second glance to look beyond a less than desirable first impression, as we struggle to get the words out.

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