Conference 2022 - Workshops

We have a series of great workshops planned for the conference. He's a sneak peak at what's in store!

Descriptions for the workshops and the schedule of these workshops will be available soon. All workshops are subject to change.

Please note that the youth programming for the conference will be released soon, and is not included in the workshops list below.

We have a full schedule of events specifically targeted to attendees 6 years old to 11 years old.

Friday, October 21

Title Presenter
Meet and Greet  

Saturday, October 22

And don't forget about the Banquet at 6pm!

Title Presenter
Accessibility of Stuttering Therapy for First Nations families: Jordan's Principle Application Anny Dubé
Advancements in the Medical Treatments of Stuttering Dr. Gerald Maguire
Family Matters: Connecting Parents and their Children Alexandra D'Agostino
Intersections of Dating: Stuttering & Beyond Dylan Kirchner and Jaleesa Bygrave
Keynote Comedienne Nina G
Meet the Authors Panel  
My disability, my Best Friend Malihe Elias
Neuroscience for the Future Presidents Shahriar SheikhBahaei, Ph.D.
Open Mic  
Strut Your Stut Stut Bhavna Bakshi
Stuttering and Creativity Panel  
The Fun in Letting Go: Improve for Beginners Sam Dunsiger
The Importance of "Finding your Tribe" Catherine Moroney
What Would you Ask? Panel for Parents  
Young Adults Career Panel  

Sunday, October 23

Join us for a free brunch, included with your conference registration.

Title Presenter
A Curse to a Blessing: How I Learned to Write and Speak My Way to Stuttering Liberation Ryan Cowley
Beyond the Fear Mary Wood
How Self-Confidence, Self-Acceptance, and a Positive Mindset Helped Me to Speak with More Confidence Berenice Mengo
Open Mic and Farewell: Time for Networking and Socializing  
Parents Roundtable Eeva Stierwalt
Podcasting with a Stutter: Journey to Self-Acceptance and Healing Maya Chupkov
Stuttering-Speaking From the Heart Roxanne Turcotte
Teens and Young Adults: Speed Friending! Alexandra D'Agostino
The role of Brain and Motor Learning Processes in Stuttering: Current Insights and Questions Needing Answers Dr. Luc DeNil
Last updated: September 18, 2022