Buyer beware! Buying "treatment" on the Net


As a person who stutterers, there is nothing wrong with keeping your mind open to different treatments, even if they are not mainstream. But at the same time, we must remember to keep critical faculties intact. When someone tells us they might “cure” our problems, it is easy to lose sight of reality. We are often desperate for help for our stuttering, and are vulnerable to scams that might promise to rid us of our stuttering but succeed only to separate us from our money. Here are some things to ask when trying to gauge the credibility of a product or publication that you might find on the internet or elsewhere.

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A great opportunity to talk about change


This article first appeared in the Winter 2011 issue of CSA Voices.

We don’t often get a decent opportunity to talk to non-stutterers about stuttering.  And possibly we are a bit reluctant to take the few opportunities we do get. Instead, we’ve tended to support each other by talking amongst ourselves.  As a result, we’ve created a kind of hidden Stuttering World, which means that stuttering is not well understood in the Outside World.

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The value of conferences for people who stutter

Daniele Rossi is a CSA Board member and a frequent contributor to the CSA website and newsletter. He recently attended the National Stuttering Association conference in Ft. Worth, Texas.

My advice to stutterers everywhere: get to a stuttering conference!
They are vital. You make instant friendships with the nicest, bravest people.

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Stuttering – A Listener's Guide

Jaan PillJaan PillThis is the content of a speech delivered by Jaan Pill to the North York Kiwanis Club, April 20, 2011.

Good evening. I want to thank you for this opportunity to speak with you.

Twenty years ago, I was involved in the founding of the Canadian Stuttering Association, or CSA for short. CSA is run entirely by volunteers, and I am one of them.

Part of my volunteer work involves media relations on behalf of CSA. Usually, that means sending out a news release, every time we have some event or conference that we want to publicize. In response, reporters will contact us and put together a story.

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Dating with a Stammer/Stutter

BBC Radio 4 has a show about dating for people who stammer. Mr. Ashley Morrison speaks about how he copes with the difficulties in this interview.

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