fluency_articulationResearch has shown that a child who stutters can be issue-free in all other areas of child development, such as IQ, overall cognitive skills, reading comprehension, and literacy. But it can also be the case that stuttering exists alongside other speech disorders. There is particular concern among some parents who have observed the onset of stuttering in their child during or after treatment for other disorders.

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Speaking out Loud?

Are you kidding? 

Saying my words

To be heard?

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The world of dating is complicated and having a stutter can make it seem almost impossible. 

Now, it might seem strange, but your stutter can actually be a very useful tool in the dating world! 

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People who stutter tend to be more aware of their speech than anyone else. We tend to have an awareness of when speech is difficult for us and when we can speak with ease. Some of us may also have strong feelings attached to our stutters, whether they be positive or negative.

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Franky BankyThe job search process is harrowing enough. And we’re the lucky ones who get the added challenge of stuttering during a job interview! Stuttering is a challenge only because more awareness is still needed.

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Camp signYoung people at the 2011 Camp session 

In 2016 the long running British Columbia Association of People who Stutter closed its doors, ending more than two decades of support and inspiration for people who stutter across the province (and beyond!)  British Columbia still has help for people who stutter. Yet the immense contribution of BCAPS, started almost twenty-five years ago, is not forgotten.

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