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Johnathon Boville is happy to shoot the breeze with anybody he meets - especially patrons at his new restaurant, Stuttering John's Bistro. The fact that he is a person who stutters has been no barrier to his social life, or to his entrepreneurial spirit.  In fact, he believes that, as a memorable characteristic, his stuttering has helped him out as a successful local business person in the town of Oshawa, Ontario. People always remember meeting him.

Johnathon hasn't always been so confident. As a teenager he often refused to speak, writing messages down for people on paper. Things changed when a friend offered him a job at a local club as a bouncer. It was a job he thought he could never do, but ended up being persuaded to give it a try. Surprisingly, being in a position of authority instilled the confidence he needed. He ended up thriving at a job that helped him to learn to speak socially with others and assert himself.

When he was in school, Johnathon found that people tried to steer him towards lesser jobs that did not rely heavily on communication skills. But fortunately he didn't listen – he wanted to go into business for himself. He started his own catering company, and opened his restaurant just this month.

john Lisa Wilder and restaurant owner Johnathan Boville

I visited Stuttering John's last Saturday. It is a friendly, quiet place (it might be less quiet when they get their liquor license, which is forthcoming) with good service. The menu is varied and eclectic, but having a passion for ribs I ordered the traditional rack and was not disappointed. The generous portion was delectable. My husband ordered the fig chicken which was also delicious. Stuttering John's is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the food is made from scratch on location.

John is interested in helping out new artistic talent. Not only is the work of local artists displayed on the walls, but amateur musicians can get experience performing for customers. He is also happy to meet other people who stutter, so if you are in the Oshawa area, drop by or send him a Facebook message (link below).

We look forward to going back in the spring to visit Johnathon again and try other things on the menu!


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