Man on 100-day project to raise stuttering awareness

cameron Cameron Francek

Cameron Francek is on a personal mission to talk to 100 people over 100 days. His purpose is to spread awareness about stuttering and educate as many people as possible through engaging with them personally. The U.S. celebrates Stuttering Awareness Week May 12 - 18, and this Detroit, Michigan resident is using it as an opportunity to overcome his own fears, and at the same time helping others understand stuttering better. It is not only to spread the word about a problem faced by millions, but to help himself overcome the tremendous anxiety he felt when talking to people.

Cameron also spoke to a classroom at Wayne State University as part of his mission. Normally he abhors speaking to strangers, and the project is way outside his comfort zone, but in a good way. He started his own blog about it and has been featured in articles and news stories. The articles cited below and feature video profile him.

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Oakland Post