Stuttering – A Listener's Guide

Aside from movies, books offer another great way to share stories about stuttering. Karen Hollett of Yellowknife has written a children’s book, Hooray for Aiden, about a girl who stutters. The central character, Aiden, faces the challenge of speaking out in front of her class, after arriving at a new school. This book, which is driven by a powerful and compelling story, has been sold widely to school boards across North America. Karen Hollett’s website is at Hooray for Aiden-dot-com.

Social media offers another valuable way to share information. Daniele Rossi of Toronto has a podcast show called Stuttering Is Cool. His website offers a great way for people who stutter to learn from each other. Daniele Rossi’s website is at Stuttering Is Cool-dot-com.

By way of summary, The King’s Speech is a story about a King who shows courage in dealing with the fact that he stutters. The sharing of accurate information helps to counter the myths about stuttering. Children’s literature and social media can play a strong role in the sharing of our stories. The Canadian Stuttering Association offers an impartial forum for sharing of information.

In closing, I want to thank the North York Kiwanis Club for inviting me to speak at your event this evening.

We look forward to speaking to other groups as well.

If you can help us in setting up presentations to other groups, please let us know.

Thank you.

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