Start Off 2017 with a Gratitude List

As another year comes to a close (how time flies!), many of us may be starting to think about our new year resolutions. Maybe your new year's resolution is to travel more, maybe it's to learn a new hobby or maybe it's something completely different.

While new year's resolutions are good, sometimes they can have a negative effect, especially when we don't end up meeting the goals we set out for ourselves.

With this in mind, I suggest that maybe this year instead of writing a new year's resolution list, try writing a gratitude list.

To write a gratitude just think of all the things you are grateful for, whether they be something specifically from 2016 or something that transcends a greater span of time. For example, maybe you're grateful for your pet, your family or your partner, maybe you're grateful for the barista that greets you with a welcoming smile every morning or perhaps you're grateful for your stutter and it's ability to positively affect others. While writing your gratitude list, remember these things don't have to be big! The little things are just as important. Writing a list like this, instead of setting you up for bad feeling later in the year, will help propel you into the new year with feelings of joy and wellness and who wouldn't want that! 

Have a happy holiday and a fantastic new year!

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