The Love Bug: Stuttering in the Dating World

First dates, butterflies and wondering when your crush will text you back are enough to make anyone’s head spin. But for someone who stutters, there’s an added layer of personal anxiety. 

For example, you might start asking yourself, “Will she like me if she knows I stutter?”, “Can I hide my stutter from him?”, “Is my stutter the reason I don’t have a girlfriend?” and the list goes on.

So to help dismantle dating fears, we asked people who stutter what their thoughts and tips are on stuttering in the dating world. Of the responses we received, two really stood out.

Be Open and Be Honest: Your stutter is not something you should internalize or try to hide. Building a relationship on honesty and communication is key. The people who truly care about care won’t care how you say it, they just want to hear what you have to say.
Be Yourself: You are amazing and even though your stutter is apart of you, it does not define you! Being your genuine self attracts people and will foster a better better relationship in the long run then trying to be someone else.

The takeaway from this is really the best dating advice out there - Be yourself. Don't be afraid to enter the dating world, don't be afraid to get out there are share your interests with others and definitely do not be afraid to show your true colours. 

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