A plethora of articles about stuttering

If someone had told me five years ago that there would be a day when articles about stuttering were everywhere you turned – whether the newspaper, radio, internet or television news outlets – I would have been highly skeptical. After all, nobody talked about stuttering. Yet today, a little movie about a stuttering king has made the condition a hot topic in news media. The general public seems both interested and amused in stuttering because of the depiction of King George VI's struggle with his speech, and journalists are always happy to oblige the latest craze. Also people who stutter are feeling more comfortable talking and writing about their experience.

Here are a few recent articles that you might be interested in. Some are personal opinion pieces and some are about scientific research. Most of these articles are from a one-week period following the Oscars.

Salon Magazine: How "The King's Speech" gets stuttering wrong, by Katherine Preston

Slate: The stutterer: how he made his voice heard, by Nathan Heller

CBC Radio: Matt Galloway speaks with Luc De Nil about stuttering, Metro Morning

The Toronto Star: London during the real King's speech, by Edith Lynn Beer

Pioneer Radio: Interview with Jessica Mason, speech-language pathologist at the Speech & Stuttering Clinic

CW23: Stuttering linked to genetics, Elizabeth Landau

Slate: The King's Speech Revisited, Christopher Hitchens

the Philadelphia Inquirer: Persistent affliction, for king or commoner, Paul Jablow

Science Magazine: Ancient mutation to blame for stuttering, Cassandra Willyard

Calgary Herald: Stuttering King is close to screenwriter's heart, Jamie Portman

MSNBC: King's Speech writer has his own story, David Germain

Parent Blog: Interview with Thomas David Kehoe, (from January)

New York Times, A Star Turn for Stuttering, On-Screen and in Research, Pam Belluck

Fox News, "The King's Speech" Brings Awareness to Stuttering Gene Discovery, Livescience


OakForest Patch, Stuttering Expert Applauds King's Speech, Lauren Traut

The Times Leader, Film inspires stuttering therapy programs, Andrew M. Seder

BBC News, Living with a stammer, Kate Poland

Netflix, Tom Hooper's personal journey behind "The King's Speech", Nancy Kriparos

Mail Online, The King's Speech must win for proving a stammer is nothing to be ashamed of, Ed Balls


The Republic, Research shows stuttering caused by many factors, Sarah D. Sparks

Better Health, What the King's Speech teaches us about stuttering, Peter Wehrwein

Lake County News, The King's Speech holds special meaning for Gurnee Toastmasters, Judy Masterson

Democrat and Chronicle, Modern therapy for stuttering isn't quite like The King's Speech, Chris Swingle

Fox News, Biden opens up about childhood stuttering, Newscore

Creators.com, An Academy Award Winning Movie, Stuttering, and Me, John Stossel

The Kansas City Star, Missouri Pro basketball player, Kim English, overcame stuttering, Mike Dearmond

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