A special request to our readers

donateIt began with a desire to reach out, to help each other, to communicate, to find strength by bringing people together.

 We are the only organization of its kind in Canada.Twenty-seven years later, through the committed efforts of volunteers, the Canadian Stuttering Association is still performing its mission -- through our annual conference, our website, and the resources we provide not only to people who stutter but to parents, students and speech-language pathologists. We are the only organization of its kind in Canada. We operate purely through private donations. And we need your help to continue. We are reaching out to our members and readers and inviting them to be a part of our goal to minimize the loneliness and despair that can exist in the lives of people who stutter. If you can donate anything today, please know it will be greatly appreciated and that it will go directly to our projects to help people who stutter. Thank you for any assistance you can give.

If you have ever found any value in what we offer, please show you care by donating through our secure paypal page. Thanks!

Note: We will issue a tax receipt for donations of $10.00 CAD and above. Thank you for your support.