Meet Eeva Stierwalt, our new National Coordinator

Eeva StierwaltThe Canadian Stuttering Association is pleased to introduce Eeva Stierwalt as our new National Coordinator. Eeva served on the planning committee of this year's conference that took place on October 28. We are looking forward to working with her to help guide the organization as we provide support to people who stutter across Canada and plan next year's conference. 

Eeva's daughter, Alexandra D'Agostino, is a person who stutters and has been on the CSA board of directors and the conference planning committee for two years. Providing support for Alexandra over the years has given Eeva a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by people who stutter. At the conference Eeva and Alexandra, along with Carla Di Domenicantonio, led three popular workshops for teens who stutter and their parents to discuss how stuttering effects family dynamics and ways to improve understanding and communication in the family setting.

Previously Eeva has worked as a long-time volunteer on the Steering Committee of the Innovative Interfaces Inc. Users Group, an international organization with university, public, special and school libraries as members. Her last three years with the organization involved being elected as Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Chair and then Past Chair. Some of her duties were implementing new bylaws, launching a task force to create a Code of Conduct for their annual conference, implementing a new conference administration system, obtained funding of $50,000 towards a scholarship fund for conference attendees, and other roles.

Eva's professional experience with volunteer work, as well as personal knowledge of ways to provide resources and support to people who stutter, will make her an excellent National Coordinator. Welcome Eeva!


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