Canadian Stuttering Association gives a presentation at the NSA conference

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The 2016 National Stuttering Association Conference in Atlanta, Georgia was another success for the organization. Members of the CSA and the CSA board of directors attended and participated in the conference.

Held alongside the International Fluency Association Conference and including a research symposium, the event offered something for everyone, and had a good variety of workshops and attendees from around the world. During the general session on the final conference day the CSA conducted a presentation, our activities and the upcoming conference in October. In the presentation were Alexandra D'Agostino, Daniele Rossi, Samuel Dunsiger, and Casey Kennedy.   

Stuttering Jeopardy

CSA Board member Casey Kennedy, director of Conference programming and SLP Liaison, conducted a "Stuttering Jeopardy" workshop with SLP Katie Gore. This interactive event was very popular at the CSA conference last October so Casey and Katie brought it to the NSA conference with amazing results!

comicsComic Storyboarding

CSA member Daniele Rossi, along with parent Melanie Rogers, conducted a workshop for kids entitled "Let's Draw Comics about Stuttering!". Dan is very well known in the stuttering community for his delightful book, Stuttering is Cool: a Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World, featuring his stuttering character Franky Banky. This book has proved both humorous and insightful for young and old alike. In his workshop Dan described how he uses cartooning to share information about stuttering, and he led children in a storyboarding exercise where they drew their own comics. 

The 2016 NSA conference was an amazing experience, with meeting old friends and making new, getting information, and spending time in an accepting and understanding environment where no one is surprised to hear stuttering. Thank-you to the National Stuttering Association!