Short film about man who stutters wins Oscar!


The 13-minute film, portraying a man who stutters who is searching for love, took home the Best Short Film (Live Action) Oscar. It was written, directed and edited by Dublin filmmaker Benjamin Cleary. He accepted the award with Producer Shan Christopher Ogilvie.

As he accepted his Oscar, Cleary said: "Every day is a proud day to be Irish, but today even more so." Perhaps it is also a proud day to be a stutterer. Starring actor Matthew Needham, the film Stutterer is about a reclusive man who, after hiding behind social media where one does not have to speak, realizes he must enter the world using his voice to really connect with people.

From a review by Grae Westgate:

"Instantly engaging, Cleary's film is a unique exploration of the difficulties faced by those with debilitating speech impediments; we watch as he struggles to speak with call centre representatives, attempts to learn sign language in order to express himself, and pretend to be deaf so as not to have to speak with strangers on the street, all the while spieling the most beautifully verbose inner monologue. Cleary`s expressive performance is a joy to watch, and will tug on even the coldest of heartstrings."

It probably has not been widely viewed so far, but many people are now interested in seeing it! The website for the film is here.