ISTAR announces refresher and intensive course dates

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The Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research offers the following treatment courses:

Dec. 1-5, 2014 - 5 day refresher

Jan. 12-30, 2015 - 3 week intensive clinic

Feb. 6-8, 2015 - 3 day refresher

The therapy approach used during our intensive and refresher clinics is the Comprehensive Stuttering Program. Clinical staff at ISTAR are familiar with other stuttering treatment approaches and will also develop individualized treatment programs to best suit the needs or our clients as required.

Clients are initially seen for a speech assessment prior to attending an intensive clinic so that appropriate recommendations may be made for each client. To attend a refresher clinic, an assessment is not required but a review session may be recommended if the client has not had therapy for several years. In intensive and refresher clinics, clients learn or review fluency skills to help them manage their stuttering. They are also introduced to or work with strategies that will help them manage emotions which may be interfering with their ability to control their speech. Intensive or refresher therapy includes acquiring fluency skills to help manage stuttering, transferring these skills to real world situations and developing maintenance plans to help clients retain control of their speech once their treatment is completed. If any person who stutters is interested in ISTAR and it's programs, it is recommended that clients contact ISTAR and ask to speak to a clinician. The ISTAR Speech-Language Pathologist can answer any questions that they may have and make appropriate recommendations regarding the client's speech.