Another awesome TEDx talk by a person who stutters


Megan Washington is an award winning Australian singer songwriter who put out her first album in 2010. Originally focusing on jazz music, she now has an indie-pop sound. Recently, during a TedX talk in Sydney, Australia, Megan opened up about her life-long struggle with stuttering.

“It might seem curious given that I spend a lot of my life on the stage, one would assume that I am comfortable in the public sphere and comfortable here talking to you guys. But the truth is that I have spent my life up until this point and including this point living in mortal dread of public speaking,” Washington revealed.

She formed her band in 2009, and that year also won an award for songwriting on her track "How to Tame Lions." Her new album is almost completed.

She finishes the talk by performing a new song ‘To Or Not Let Go’. It is the second single from her forthcoming album which was recorded London’s RAK Studios and Peter Gabriel’s New World with producer Samuel Dixon (Sia, Adele).


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