Sharing CSA (or CAPS) Memories, 1991 - 2021

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2021 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Stuttering Association. We are pleased to have a collection of photos of our past conferences on Flickr. Did you attended conferences in the 1990s and early 2000s? Maybe you have photos or memories to share! Let us know! They will be featured in a commemorative post on the web site later in the year! Send us any reminiscences here! Thank you!

The History

The CSA conferences began with a gathering in Banff, Alberta in 1991.The conferences went strong throughout the 1990s and into the mid 2000s, all through the work of volunteers. Below is a list and brief summary of each conference's highlights. You can read more about the early history here. 

Date and Place Highlights
1991 Banff Bob Kroll, Einer Boberg on Treatment Programs; Will Webster and Marie Poulous on the neuropsychology of stuttering; Deborah Kully on the treatment of stuttering in children; Jim Beaubien and Karen Ceasar on social skills and assertiveness; Allan Chapman on self-help groups. SEE PHOTOS
1993 Ottawa Jock Carlisle, author of Tangled Tongue; Dr. Gerald F. Johnson, Stuttering Therapy, is it the Right Side of the Brain, or the Left Side of the Brain, or is it the Heart?; Dr. Ted Peters, Confessions of a Stuttering Speech Pathologist. The first fully bilingual conference. 
1995 Toronto Re-conceptualizing Aubrey Davis, Storytelling; Michael Niven; Woody Starkweather, stuttering development in children; Janet Givens-Ackerman on Therapy as Conversation. SEE PHOTOS
1997 Vancouver Fred Gingell, Member of the Legislative Assembly; Philip Schneider, Speech Language Pathologist; Catherine Moroney and Jim Ramsay on issues for gay and lesbian stutterers; Carolina Ayala, a child stutterer's self esteem; Joel Runnels on creativity and the stutterer; Paul Young on dating and the stutterer. SEE PHOTOS
1999 Montreal Tony Churchill, moving through stages of grief of stuttering; Julia Boberg, stuttering and the family; Richard Martineau on life before, during and after therapy. ABC, (L’association des bègues du Canada) is the francophone organization for stutterers in Canada. 
2001 Calgary Many Roads, One Journey. Jaan Pill, Fluency as a second language; David Shapiro, A tribute to people who stutter; Acting Workshop for Stutterers; Dr. Juniad Ashraf from Pakistan on causes of stuttering in children; Bob Kamerei on drug treatment for stutterers. SEE PHOTOS
2003 Toronto Moving Forward with Confidence. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Going the Distance; Richard Inomata, Speaking with Confidence; Deborah Kully, Stuttering Treatment; Wendy Meyer on self esteem for teens who stutter; Beth McMillen, advocating for a child who stutters; Peter Dhu from the Speak Easy Association of Australia. SEE PHOTOS
2005 Edmonton Many Voices, Many Stories. Dr. Walt Manning, Learning from our stories; Alvin Law, There’s no such word as can’t; Mary Wood on beyond the fear of rejection; Anthony Intas and Les Anderson on Camp BCAPS; Janet Gibson on SpeechEasy fluency device. SEE PHOTOS
2007 Toronto Voices Taking Flight. Jon Paskievich and his documentary film, Unspeakable; Shelli Teshima, When Ordinary is Extraordinary; Marilyn Langevin, Catching the Research Bug; Jaan Pill, Teachers and Students who Stutter; Bob Kroll, Seize the Opportunity: Let's Talk! SEE PHOTOS
2011 Vancouver Making Connections. Keynotes David Block, Elaine Saitta, and writer Jordan Scott; Obim Okongwu, Finding Our Path; Marvin Klotz, We Are What we Choose; Janet Gibson on Lionel Logue.  SEE PHOTOS
Toronto One-Day Events
2014 Toward Fluency, Acceptance and Understanding. Facilitated by Andrew Harding. Daniele Rossi on podcasting, Carolina Ayala on self-esteem; Tim Pierce, stuttering and life; Bob Kroll, Carla Di Domenicantonio, Tony Churchill, Dr. Pascal Van Leshout, Arravind Namasivayam on research. SEE PHOTOS
2015 Out With It! Writer Katherine Preston on how stuttering can help you find your voice, a panel on stuttering in the workplace, Stuttering Jeopardy, Role Playing, Research with Dr. Luc De Nil. SEE PHOTOS
2016 Courage, Support, Acceptance. Stuttering and Human Rights, Towards Fluency with David Stones, MP Geoff Regan, Public Speaking as a PWS, Richard Holmes on turning passivity into proactivity. SEE PHOTOS
2017 Courage, Support, Acceptance. Kim Block and a Stuttering Superhero; Improv for everyone; Richard Holmes on core beliefs; Family Matters for Parents and Kids; Performance as Therapy with David Stones. SEE PHOTOS
2018 Voices Rising. Mary Wood on living as a PWS; Frank Russo and Sina Falla on the benefits of singing; Daniele Rossi and Let's Draw Comics!; Catherine Moroney on a stutterer's journey; Robert Van de Vorst on the Stuttering Paradox. SEE PHOTOS
2019 Words Outspoken. David Stones on the magical, tragic gift of stuttering; Ryan Cowley and his career in journalism; Gerald Macguire on updates on pharmaceutical treatment; a screening of John Gomez' When I Stutter, Mary Wood on forgiveness. SEE PHOTOS
Virtual Conference
2020 Branching Out. Nina G., commedienne and author of Stuttering InterruptedRichard Holmes on being and SLP who stutters. SEE THE HILIGHTS VIDEO

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