Support Group for Youth Who Stutter

General information

The group, dubbed the “CSA’s Support Group for Youth Who Stutter”, aims to provide kids and pre-teens with a safe, supportive environment to develop their unique voices around other youth their age who stutter. Specialized activities and discussions held in the group will allow young people to practice their communication skills, gain confidence in speaking, and form meaningful friendships with fellow peers. 

Rhea Bhalla, university student from Calgary, Alberta, began to lead this new initiative in 2022.  She continues to lead this group and invites kids and pre-teens who stutter to this group. Having stuttered all of her life, Rhea understands the importance of creating opportunities for kids who stutter to gain independence while connecting with peers who face similar challenges. Rhea has experience leading the Calgary Stuttering Support Group for almost three years and has volunteered with children who stutter at the University of Alberta’s Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research.

Meetings will be held on the first Saturday of every month on Zoom and are open to all Canadian youth who stutter between the ages of 8 and 13, with a signed consent form from their parent/guardian.

Upcoming events

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Rhea Bhalla
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