Want to Join a Support Group?


Sometimes the challenges we face can make life feel like a big scary leap into the void. Getting together with other people can help.That's why the CSA's 2019 initiative is to develop a network of regional support groups for those looking to connect with other members of the stuttering community.

Support groups offer a confidential space for people to learn and share information about the stuttering experience, practice communication skills and work on self-acceptance and empowerment in a safe environment. For many people, attendance at a support group meeting may be the first place to meet another person who stutters. Our meetings are open to teens and adults who stutter along with their families and friends with an interest in learning about and coping with stuttering.

At the CSA we are committed to developing resources and guidance for our regional support groups so that attendees can make the most of this opportunity. We are excited to announce that regional support groups are currently in development for Toronto, ON, Bellville, ON and Regina, SK and Calgary, AB. In the coming months we will share more information on how and when to attend. If you have an interest in being a member of one of these groups, or starting up your own local chapter, please contact Anna Huynh, Volunteer Coordinator.

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