About the CSA

CSA Mission Statement

The Canadian Stuttering Association is a national, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization that promotes awareness and understanding of stuttering and provides support and resources for people who stutter, their families and allies, with a view to helping persons who stutter live as effectively as possible with their stutter and to achieve their full personal and professional potential.

CSA Vision Statement

To be seen as a national leader in building a connected network of support and awareness for people who stutter throughout Canada.


The Canadian Stuttering Association is run entirely by the passion, energy and commitment of volunteers, most of whom are people who stutter.

Our Purpose

  1. To help people who stutter and their families find reliable information and support.
  2. To help people across Canada to connect and share knowledge and experiences of stuttering.
  3. To promote awareness and understanding of stuttering through public education and outreach

The CSA is membership-based. Please join today! People who stutter, parents, speech language pathologists as well as support groups and treatment centres can be members.

What do we do?

  • We help people who stutter to connect and support each other in overcoming the barriers of stuttering, through social media and in-person annual events.
  • We provide information on treatment and support options. There are many helpful approaches and we strive to give impartial information to support informed decision making and personal growth.
  • We present information and information sources
  • We help speech and language therapists (and student therapists) to understand more about the effects of stuttering on our lives
  • We encourage support groups for people who stutter
  • We give media interviews about the experiences of stuttering and the support available.

The Canadian Stuttering Association is a registered charity and a federal not-for-profit corporation.

CRA charity number: 830606943RC0001 Corporation number: 429745-8


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