In 2019, David Stones, former CSA Board Member, current Advisory Board Member and seasoned Strategic Planner, with the help of his business associate Gail Tolley, led the CSA Board of Directors in an all day strategic planning session! It was an interesting day during which we volunteers, all of us, analyzed the meaning and value of our existence as an association, reviewed some of the hopes and dreams that we had suggested for the CSA over the next 5 years, and determined how we could possibly turn those into actual results.

Thanks to the expertise and business know-how of David Stones and Gail Tolley, and the dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity of the CSA Board of Directors, we birthed a new 5 year strategic plan called

STEPPS: Strategies To Ensure The Potential Of People Who Stutter

Read the STEPPS plan.

The main initiatives of STEPPS 2019 - 2023 are:

  1. Continue to encourage and facilitate the formation of support groups across Canada, and to support those that already exist within the parameters of current resources.
  2. Develop a child-specific support initiative, with focus on schools, SLPs in schools and information/education for teachers.
  3. Focus on the best ways to raise much needed revenue in support of CSA programs/services.
  4. Assess stakeholder interest in expanding the conference concept, i.e. nationally or increasing conference length.
  5. Strengthen and reinforce the CSA mandate/role with SLPs across Canada.

The CSA has already begun work on each of these and we are very excited to realize our hopes and dreams for the next 5 years by setting each and every one of them in action as key initiatives supporting our mission and vision moving forward.

Thanks again to David Stones and Gail Tolley for your expert help with this planning process and for the wonderful result.

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