CSA Volunteer Board of Director Roles Available

The Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) currently has two vacant Volunteer Board of Director Roles:

  1. Employment Advocacy Coordinator. We are looking for a human resources professional or someone with related experience and knowledge of human resources in Canada who is passionate about helping people who stutter and is willing to volunteer anywhere from six to ten hours per month as the CSA Board Director responsible for Employment Advocacy.

If you are interested, simply send a copy of your resumé along with a cover letter specifying the role of interest to you to: csa-info@stutter.ca.

The CSA is completely volunteer and donor driven, so there are no special perks involved for Board Members other than working with a super team of like-minded people who are equally as passionate and dedicated to the CSA mission and vision and of course your personal fulfillment as you experience the results of such work. We welcome you to apply!

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