We Need Your Support

Help make our, 'a millions things I need to say' 1K & 5K Walk for Stuttering Awareness planned for Sunday September 23, 2012 a success. Our objective is to raise money to support the invaluable work of the Speech and Stuttering Institute. Please contact Greg O'Grady for more information.

Just imagine... a young child constantly being ridiculed by others because of his/her stutter, a vulnerable teenager, embarrassed and trying to hide his/her stutter, wanting so desperately to be accepted. Imagine avoiding answering the telephone because you have difficulty saying hello, avoiding social situations out of fear of having to introduce yourself, having friends, family speak on your behalf, choosing careers paths that minimizes communication demands, being silent when knowing inside, that you have a million things that you would like to say ...

The Speech and Stuttering Institute provides professional therapy for people who stutter, who often find themselves on long waiting lists to receive the help they need. Some individuals cannot afford therapy at all. That is why the Speech and Stuttering Institute maintains a fund to help people who otherwise would not be able to pay the clinic fees. This way, no one is turned away, and the valuable treatment that the Institute provides is available to all who need it.

Here are some ways to support the 1K/5K Walk for Stuttering Awareness;

  1. Financially supporting an individual to attend one of the following speech programs: Fluency Plus Program (intensive or non-intensive) - $1400; Mini Fluency Plus Program (a children's program) - $700; Fluency Plus Refresher program - $85; for the weekend refresher, $500 for the one week advanced refresher course
  2. Sponsoring of event food, refreshments, prizes, entertainment, printing, advertising and promotion       
  3. Being part of our Donor Appreciation Program: Friends ($1 to $999); Bronze ($1,000 to $4,999); Silver ($5,000 to $9,999); Gold ($10,000 to $24,999); Platinum ($25,000 Plus)
  4. Participating on Walk Day by helping to raise money by obtaining pledges, either individually and or as a team. You can make it a fun day by inviting your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to  participate

Depending on your donation, we can  publicize your company at our event by:

  • printing your camera ready logo on our printed materials
  • providing an opportunity for you to display your signage at the event
  • publically announcing your sponsorship at the event
  • including your business resources in our Gift Bags

For further information about The Speech & Stuttering Institute please visit us at:

Donate Online: To make a secure online donation through The Running Room using your credit card. 

By phone:  The Speech and Stuttering Institute at (416) 491-7771

By mail:  The Speech and Stuttering Institute, 2-150 Duncan Mill Road,
Toronto Ontario M3B 3M4