Harmonize For Speech supports CSA 2011 Conference

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The Harmonize for Speech fund has, once again, given its valuable support to the Canadian Stuttering Association. We are planning our 10th Conference for next year, which will take place in August in Vancouver, B.C.

Harmonize for Speech is an organization that, among other things,

  • Provides funds for numerous speech-related projects and equipment at hospitals, clinics and treatment centres throughout Ontario.
  • Supports the work of the Speech and Stuttering Institute, including its Childrens' Centre located in Toronto and proposed centres.
  • Founded and operates the Voice Laboratory and Treatment Centre of Ontario, in Toronto, Ottawa/Hull and Hamilton/Niagara for assessing and treating a full range of vocal disorders.
  • Supports Aphasia Centres dedicated to helping Stroke Survivors communicate.
  • Supports projects and seminars of the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA).



The money provided by the Harmonize for Speech fund is a huge boost for the conference! This will be a special event for anyone whose life is touched by stuttering, whether you are a person who stutters, a relative or friend of a person who stutters, or a practitioner in the field of speech pathology.

2011 will also be the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Canadian Stuttering Association, which was started in 1991.

We will soon be taking proposals for workshops for the conference, and we are open to ideas and suggestions from the community. There will shortly be a link on this site to the site giving more details of the conference.

For more information about Harmonize for Speech, please visit their website.

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