ISTAR researcher wins award for article

The American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology has chosen a “Peer Responses to Stuttering in the Preschool Setting,” a research report by Marilyn Langevin, Ann Packman, and Mark Onslow as the recipient of an ASHA (American Speech-Language Hearing Association) Editor’s Award for 2009.

Marilyn Langevin is a researcher and speech-language pathologist at the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR) in Alberta.

Research based on video-recorded observations of four preschoolers who stutter at play with their friends, the research has uncovered new information about how stuttering affects social interactions among children aged 3 and 4.

An article selected for an Editor’s Award is one that the editor and associate editor of a given journal feel meets the highest quality standards in research design, presentation, and impact for a given year. It is a major honour and a significant achievement to receive this Award.

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