CSA Members Featured in TV News Stories

brain Jaan Pill in interview With the opening of the King's Speech in limited release Friday in Canada, the problem of stuttering has been brought to the forefront in the media. On Friday both CBC and CTV ran news items featuring information about stuttering and speech therapy, and interviews with people who stutter and speech-language pathologists.

In the CBC feature, Canadian Stuttering Association board member Norm McEwen is interviewed in his home in Ottawa. CSA Acting National Coordinator Jaan Pill of Toronto and CSA member Daniele Rossi are also featured. Jaan says that it is important to talk about stuttering, and to share accurate information about the affliction. Daniele notes that the new movie is accurate in its portrayal of the stuttering experience, and mentions his blog, Stuttering is Cool. See the story here.

dr. kroll Dr. Robert Kroll

There is also a CTV story about speech therapy at the Speech and Stuttering Institute of Toronto. Dr. Robert Kroll, the director, describes the new movie, the King's Speech, as "a godsend". See the CTV story here.

The King's Speech will open in wide release throughout Canada on December 22.

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