New speech App for iPhone and iPad


After seeing the quick success with their last speech app that provided Delayed Auditory Feedback to the user, Speech4Good has another iOs app that hit the App Store January 17. called Fluently, it is designed to help people who stutter – as well as those with articulation, voicing and other speech disorders – practice their speech therapy on the go.


Fluently integrates a proprietary voice-processing algorithm to detect real-time fluctuations in speech. When a user’s speech is stuttered, pushed or spoken harshly, the app displays a visual cue, which changes from a green to red light.

When a user is not practicing easy onset, Fluently shuts off. For added accessibility, however, the app’s algorithm can be adjusted on a slider scale, allowing for increased or decreased sensitivity for each individual user.

Fluently is available for $9.99 in the App Store. To purchase, click here.



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