The National Stuttering Association Conference 2013


This year the American organization, the National Stuttering Association, celebrates it's 30th Annual Conference. The event takes place at the beautiful Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, July 3 - 7. The entire program is not completely finalized, but here is a list of titles of some of the interesting and enjoyable seminars and workshops that will be featured at this memorable annual event. The schedule will have general topics relevant to everyone, and other aimed at kids, ‘tweens, teens, families, adults, and SLPs.

Some titles of workshops at the NSA conference (so far):

The experiences of living with a stuttering disorder across a lifespan

Language planning in children and adults who stutter

Severity: Contributing factors in adults and children

Our Cambrian Moment: Stuttering in the Age of Google+ and The King’s Speech

Stuttering Unblocked: Freeing Your Speech From the Neurological “Brick Wall”

Toastmasters Meeting Demo

#100stutterProject: Inspire Change through Action (Cameron Francek)

I Came for Fluency, and All I got was this T-shirt

Parents: Get All Your Questions Answered

Tweens: Stuttering Jeopardy

Don’t Blow it – SHOW it

Am I the only one? Overcoming Social Anxiety

Tweens: Advertising 101!

Stutter, what stutter?: Parading freely on stage

Parents: Helping Children and Teens Who Stutter Minimize Bullying

Bilingual Stuttering

Understanding the therapy process for children who stutter

Fluency and Confidence –A “Snapshot”

Ask the Experts – Everything you Wanted to Know about Stuttering, but were Afraid to Ask

Mindfulness in the Management of Stuttering: Rationale, Evidence, and Applications

The Way We Talk: Telling Our Stories Through Film

Covert Stuttering Exposed!

Teens: Stuttering Jeopardy

Fearless Stuttering Take 2: Managing Your Doubts

Positive Self-Talk: I can meet this challenge

Letting Out The Emotions

The Culture of Avoidance Reduction for Stuttering

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