The Way We Talk

A Kickstarter project seeks funds to create a documentary about stuttering by filmmaker Michael Turner.

From the web page:

"The Way We Talk is a new feature-length documentary about stuttering, and how hard it is to say what's in your heart.

The Way We Talk is a full-length documentary, intimately centered around a support group for people who stutter on their journey toward self-acceptance. As I confront my own stuttering, I follow their stories while reflecting on how the way I talk has shaped my identity and my family story.

My mom, dad, brother and grandpa all stutter, and my own memories weave in with the group’s to document the daily emotional experience that accompanies one of medical science’s most baffling and enduring disabilities. These stories make it a movie about a problem that is relatable to anyone who has experienced feelings of separateness, isolation, or inadequacy in any area their life."

If you wish to read more about this project and possibly offer support, you can do so here.

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