Keynote speakers at the upcoming ISA conference

katherine Katherine Preston

The upcoming International Stuttering Association Congress, taking place in the Netherlands in June, has an impressive lineup of keynote speakers. Included are British writer David Mitchell (author of Cloud Atlas on which the movie was based), American speech-language pathologist and person who stutters David A. Shapiro, and American writer and entrepreneur Katherine Preston. Katherine's book, Out With It: How Stuttering Helped me Find my Voice, will be available in April.

In her book, Katherine chronicles her own struggles with stuttering, and interviews well-known people who stutter.

Today she works as a freelance writer, motivational public speaker and is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of the cell phone recycling business ExchangeMyPhone. Raised in England, Preston now lives in Brooklyn, NY. You can learn more about Katherine and her book at her website. The following video features an interview with her by Jonathan Fields for the Good Life Project™ weekly web show. The full interview is almost 30 minutes, but you can skip to the 11:00 minute mark to hear Jonathan ask her about how non-stutterers should speak to people who stutter, and she talks about her book in depth.


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