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Information for CSA Conference Workshop Presenters

The conference is fast approaching and we are looking so forward to all the interesting workshops that are in store! The topics are great! Following is important information to know for your presentation.

The schedule is posted here. Please take note of your day and time.

Registering for Conference

If workshop presenters and volunteers plan on participating/watching other workshop/keynote sessions, please register here.

Download these Information Sheets For your Presentation

  • A "checklist" with important information is available for presenters here.
  • Moderators please look at the info sheet here.
  • A Zoom "cheat sheet" can be downloaded here.
  • There is a CSA virtual background graphic that you can use during your workshop, download the guide to install it here here. If you have questions about using this feature on Zoom, please refer to the resources section in the Zoom guide.


  • Presenters will be assigned a moderator/co-host who will support them by monitoring the chat for questions and answers. When you log into zoom to give your presentation, the moderator will introduce him/herself.
  • The schedule with your moderator's name is available here.
  • All presenters will be assigned a volunteer moderator who will be supporting you with the technical aspect of Zoom (i.e., recording workshops, launching polls for questions, moderating the chat box for participation).
  • Moderators will be available 10 minutes before your workshop time to coordinate with you as needed. If you are interested in doing a dry rehearsal, please connect with your assigned moderator prior to your workshop.

Archiving Workshops

  • If the presenter has no objections CSA will record the Zoom workshops and store them on our Youtube channel
  • We will NOT record the open mic sessions, the round tables or anything the presenter doesn’t want recorded
  • Recorded sessions will be made available to the public after the conference if the presenter has no objections
  • Presenter can choose to limit time the recording is available (such as until the end of 2020 or until the next conference or indefinitely)
  • If you do NOT want your workshop recorded or offered for public viewing, or if you wish to limit the time it is available to the public, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A poll will be launched at the beginning of every workshop to capture the demographic information of the audience.

An instruction sheet about conducting polls is available here. If you are interested in creating a poll for your workshop, please send us a word document of your questions and answers by Tuesday, November 3rd at 5 pm EST.

During the poll, you can share your screen and show the poll question with the options (a,b,c,d,etc.) and then click on poll where participants can select the letter that corresponds to the wording they want.

For those who are pre-recording their sessions

  • You will need to upload your pre-recorded video to your own personal Youtube channel.
  • Creating a Youtube channel is free and easy — follow instructions on Youtube, and upload your video
  • Before your workshop, you will give access to the CSA to your pre-recorded session on YouTube.
  • With your permission, the CSA will upload it into an unlisted CSA YouTube channel and provide you with access to it. The video will be unlisted, meaning only those given the precise URL will be able to access it.
  • During your Zoom Workshop session, you will share your computer in Zoom and play your recorded session from the CSA YouTube channel.
  • A live Q & A will follow.
  • As mentioned above, after the conference the pre-recorded videos will be made available to the public, indefinitely or for a limited period of time, if there are no objections.

If you have any other questions, contact usThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.