Women Who Stutter - Let's Talk

Lisa Wilder (Facilator)

Saturday 2:45PM - 3:45PM EDT


Women – don’t miss this panel for lively small group discussions about what it means to be a woman who stutters in 2023. How is our confidence affected when our speech is unpredictable? How do we manage our stuttering in different roles? Do we manage stuttering differently from men? Do we have a relationship with our stutter? This workshop provides a safe space in which to reflect on and explore your stuttering experience as a woman. Be prepared to share successes and fears, laughter and tears as we come together to celebrate in this women-only interactive workshop.

What to expect

Women who stutter

  • will be provided an opportunity to interact and explore their stuttering experiences with other women who stutter identifying issues that are unique to women and different from men’s experience of stuttering;
  • will be able to form new friendships and alliances with other women who stutter.

Last updated: 2023-09-05