The Journey of Acceptance

Obim Okongwu

Saturday 2:45PM - 3:45PM EDT



This workshop will explore the discoveries and struggles of the journey to fully accepting and embracing oneself as someone who stutters. Reflecting on the presenter’s life experiences as well as those of other people who stutter and don’t stutter, the workshop will look at what acceptance really means and how it will look different for each individual, what impact it has in our lives, and the question of whether stuttering is a disability.

What to expect

Participants will reflect on the questions and come up with answers for themselves. Through those answers and further reflection, participants will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves, our complexities, and how stuttering fits in. It will call on participants to embrace observation and awareness of their full self, including various stuttering triggers, and help begin or reinforce the acceptance journey.

About the presenter

Obim is a risk management professional working with the Government of Canada. He is a person who stutters and has been involved with the CSA in the past as a Board member. He has presented at previous CSA and NSA conferences.

Last updated: 2023-09-05