The Journey from Fear to Acceptance

Mary Wood

Sunday 1:15PM - 2:15PM EST


St. Laurent

For Mary, the fear of rejection was at the foundation of her fear of stuttering - the fear that she would not be loved or accepted when she stuttered. The journey we go through is about stuttering and so much more, and our awareness of this fear can be the place where our journey to acceptance begins. Mary invites her audience to join her to look at and discover what causes the shame and fear in the first place. We can give it a name, understand what it is, and start to make friends with it…… as weird as that may seem.

What to expect

As we realize, understand and listen to our own feelings of fear, we find that we have the courage to step beyond the fear, and to say what is ours to say. This allows us to start to take responsibility for how we feel instead of looking to someone else to do this for us. Let us be open for the lessons and the freedom that comes.

About the presenter

After stuttering for over 50 years, Mary discovered information on the fear of rejection and how it related to stuttering. Mary’s first conference for people who stutter was Ottawa 1993, presenting a workshop on self-esteem. Mary has inspired people at conferences in Canada, the United States, Europe and Great Britain.

Last updated: 2023-09-04