Stuttering, medias and "fake news"

Audrey Bigras

Sunday 2:45PM - 3:45PM EST



Stuttering is still a mysterious topic with a lot of unknown, even for the people who stutter themselves. There are many myths and information about stuttering available in the medias and society. But how can the people who stutter keep a critical sense about these informations? This interactive workshop will give participants the opportunity to have a discussion about it.

What to expect

After this workshop, I expect the participants will be more aware of the importance to keep a critical mind about the information that we can find about stuttering in the medias (internet, social medias) and the society.

About the presenter

Audrey Bigras is an adult who stutter. She is the president of the Association bégaiement communication (ABC), a nonprofit organization that helps people who stutter in the province of Quebec. Audrey is involved in the stuttering community since 2015. She works as a researcher in the field of inclusion.

Last updated: 2023-09-04